Thursday, April 2, 2015

What a Great Day (so far)

It's not even lunch time yet and my day has been great so far.  Let me share a bit of what happened:

7:30-9:00 - Kids slept in late and Ashley jumped up to handle them telling me to stay sleeping if I wanted to (love days like that).  Heard them having fun and got up anyway to go hang out and have breakfast and help with Linken & Vesper.

9:00-9:20 - Took an Uber into work with my wife.  Have been taking Uber's since my wife's car was totaled in an accident a couple of weeks ago & my car has both car seats in it that we need to keep at the house to drive the kids around.  UberX is $5 to get to the office and a Black car is $20.  Super reasonable and easy - and today it was fun to share the ride with my wife and drop her off at her office which is on the way to mine.

9:20-10:30 - Had a light morning for once (thank you blocked out calendar time) which gave me time to think, watch the most recent League Product Update video, read our internal news site to catch up on some things happening around the world and played 30 minutes of Pillars of Eternity (I'm playing a Rogue as my main).

Our cool internal news site
10:35-11am - Have a candidate in for our Director of L&D role do a group overview of who she is and what makes her tick before she heads off to her full two days of interviews and wow is she an amazing person who inspired me and energized me in this short session just by sharing her background, motivations and life journey.

11am - Got to my desk, opened my email and read this note that a woman on our events team shared:

I am the father of a sixteen years old son and I am writing you from the area of Montreal, Canada. For the school break, my wife and I had planned a family trip to go visit my best friend, the godfather of my son, in L A. Knowing that, my son, who plays “League of Legends” since years, asked me to go at LCS. After buying tickets online, the Saturday March 7, my son, his godfather and I went at LCS. We had a wonderful time. My son, who is not the most expressive, was in a state of mind that I have rarely seen. Happiness was written all over his face. He was enjoying every moment, even when his favorite team, Cloud 9, lost that day. He explained to his godfather and me the basics of the games with enthusiasm. Gave us information about the teams and the players. He was so proud, knowing that he was there while his friends were watching the games online. What he uses to do too at home. For my part, I discovered a new world. That day, in the crowd I saw normal guys and girls enjoying the same passion, a passion that is different then mines, but a passion of his time. I was impressed by the quality of the organization as the professionalism and the kindness of the employees. The guys and girls who welcomed us at the ticket table, the girl who escorted us to our seats, the camera guys, the guys at the shop, everyone was very nice, polite and helpful. Sometimes, as parents, we have prejudice when it comes to videogames. That day I had the chance to discover a part of my son’s universe. I have been comforted. Now I can be more comprehensive when he’s not careful about what I am saying while playing, when he’s excited during crucial fights or when he’s late for dinner. I have learned what is at stake. Sometimes, when I want to start a discussion, I just have to ask about the championship or how Cloud 9 is doing? The time spend at LCS is one of the highlights of the trip. It will be one the moments, father and son, that I will remember for the rest of my life. Now, I am not sure who had the best time… Thank you, (name redacted) Father of (name redacted) P.S. Excuse my English, my first language is French. P.S. Could you send us the survey again, I opened it and I closed it because I wanted my son to fill it. But when I reopened it, it says that we already responded. 

The above is why we work so hard to try to delight our players and love what we do. Thank you for taking the time sharing your experience with us!

11:30 am - Decided to write this quick blog entry before I head off for the day of meetings, interviews and other work stuff.  Feeling great and thought I'd share.

Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill




  1. Hi Mark you should go contact me @ and talk to me about lyte banning me even though I've been banned for 2 years.

    Quite sad that I have to resort to elo boosting now due to not making any money past 2 years. It's a shame I could of done a lot for this game, both gameplay and community, but ruined.

    Let's see if you care or not.

  2. Father and son bonding or Son and father bonding. What does it matter as long as both enjoyed the time together. Great.


  3. Father and son bonding or Son and father bonding. What does it matter as long as both enjoyed the time together. Great.


  4. My Wife, my son, and my daughter all play league with me... I could not be happier with our moments together on this game. Back in the day we use to play monopoly and yatzee. Now families play League of Legends.